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Current Footage


Not a normal HDRI but a exposure bracketing shot with a large tele lens. You can see the different exposures in the top image.

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4 comments on “HDRI Moon”

  • Zom-B

    There is no EXIF data in the images included, so genarting a HDR out of these shots gets complicated. Can you provide information about used Exposure Values ?!

    And btw: thanks a lot for that great material 🙂

  • KR

    I agree, no real exif data! But pretty good images nonetheless

  • zoo


  • jinj

    may you generate the hdr? i try with picturenaut i got black image.
    i generate it with hdrshop, there are incorrect display errors in colour. green areas. yellowish by rising the exposure.
    i wonder how to do it

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